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Parks and gardens of Darmstadt

One of my favorite ways of spending free time is walking in nature. It is not always possible to go to remote places or natural parks. City parks and gardens are a nice alternative. This time I would like to take you on a journey through the green corners of Darmstadt.

Darmstadt is often considered grey and ugly. I don’t think so! In this post, I prepared a selection of different garden types. So no matter what your garden preferences are, I have you all covered. I found a typical rose garden and another one with more tropical plants. I have been to parks of princes and ones of artists.

1. Rose Heights

Beautifully located on top of the hill. It is relatively far from the city center, so it is a really calm place. Roses collection includes about 200 species and other types of flowers grow there as well. Small herbs garden is located in front of the main entrance. The garden is not only rich and diverse but also very precisely designed. Geometric shapes and symmetrical layout intertwine with romantic pergolas. It is a perfect location for a wedding photoshoot or Sunday afternoon walk.

2. Orangerie

Orangerie is a place to feel a bit of Mediterranean culture, because of exotic plants and a restaurant serving Italian cuisine. It is also a popular place for a wedding party. Interestingly the front and the back of the glasshouse building look completely different.
Orangerie is the best choice for a picnic because its very big part is covered with grass tarrases. Water fountains give some refreshment during hot summer days. In the springtime, alleys are covered with pink flowers of chestnut trees.


3. Botanical Garden

For more educational trip choose the botanical garden. Thousands of plant species are grown there. The entrance is completely for free. You can choose from trees collection, alpine plants or more tropical ones like succulents. It is not a very popular place, so definitely will be not crowded. A perfect choice for a peaceful Saturday morning. If you are lucky and patient you can meet a squirrel or a butterfly. It is also a good place for nature photographers.


4. Vortex Garden

Vortex Garden
Vortex Garden

Visit at Vortex Garden gives a more spiritual experience. It is dark and mysterious. Trees and flowers are equally important as sculptures and mosaics. Light bulbs and transparent stones create an original vibe: scary but interesting.


5. Garden of Prince Emil

This is a miniature of a real garden. Everything there is tiny: a palace, a hill, and a pond.
Water is surrounded by bulrush and grass. Ducks and gooses are common guests there. They swim or sit on the island in the middle of the pond with a Chinese pavilion. When it gets warm in spring water lilies bloom. It also has a nice playground for kids.


6. Garden of Prince George

Garden of Prince George

The entrance to the park is through a golden gate in Herrngarten. Just next to it you can find an outdoor chessboard. Alleys are decorated with interesting arrangements of flowers. However, it is also full of fruit and vegetables. The most eye-catchy in the garden is the Pretlack’sches summer house with an open library inside. Its walls are painted with citrus fruit motives, which from a distance look like real plants. The park is a bit remote, so all you can hear is a fountain splash or golden canaries singing in the cage next to the Porcelain Museum. Its blush pink building is surrounded by roses and lemon trees. During blossom time they smell so sweet.

How to find gardens in Darmstadt:

All the connections I give are from the central station Luisenplatz.

Rose Heights – bus RH (direction Reinheim-Ueberau Karl-Marx-Straße ). It takes 7 min. The bus goes every 15 min.

Orangerie – tram 3 (direction Lichtenbergschule). It takes 8 min. Tram goes every 15 min. From there you can easily reach Garden of Prince Emil by foot.

Botanic Garden – bus K (direction TU-Lichtwiese/Mensa). It goes every 8 minutes.

Vortex Garden – it is the best to take bus KU to Pützerstraße and just walk for 5 minutes to Prinz-Christians-Weg 13.

What is your favourite park or garden? Share in the comments!

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