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Rose Heights – colourful rose garden in Darmstadt

During my first trip to Darmstadt I discovered a lot of interesting places, eg. Waldspirale, Garden of Prince George, Mathildenhöhe.  I still have so much more to see, so now I regularly visit this city. I was in the Rose Heights (Rosenhöhe) park before, but in winter season, so obviously I had to come back to see it when all the flowers blossom.

There are different options how to reach the park:

  • it is just 5 minutes walk from Mathildenhöhe – along the Olbrichweg and through the Lion Gate
  • another entrance is just close to the Ostbanhof – train station, so you can arrive by train or by one of the buses which stop there as well

Entry to the park is for free, so everyone can enjoy it is beauty without limitations. The paths are made of little sandy stones, so I recommend to wear comfortable shoes. It is hard to walk in slippers or hills. Especially because like the name says the park is situated on a little hills, so some climbing is involved. However, it is really mild.

Huge part of the park is in a  forest. Walking along the paths we see some houses with cute little gardens in front of them. There is also a very pretty tea house, which looks like a big house for porcelain dolls. A bit further there are Old and New Mausoleums.

From there we can cross the gate decorated with roses and go towards the main part of the park – rose garden.


It is located on top of the hill in its central part. The collection includes about 200 types of roses, but there are also many other plants. Lavender attracts a lot of bees and butterflies. The mixture of beautiful scents and sound of birds singing makes the place a truly romantic destination. Indeed, it is a popular place for photo shooting after the wedding.

The whole garden is very well planned with geometrical shapes, parallel paths, arbors, pergolas and trellises for climbing roses. There are some benches to sit, have a rest, enjoy the moment and maybe draw or take some photos of pretty flowers. When going out of the garden through the main entrance it is worth to cross the path and see a little herbs garden.



It is one of the prettiest rose gardens in the region. There are also other ones in Mainz or Eltville, but this one is so far my favourite. It is obviously a popular tourist attraction, but since it is a bit outside the city it is very calm and relaxing place. Perfect destination for a walk on a sunny day to enjoy the nature.

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