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    Macro photography ideas – Baltic Sea beach

    White sand, green water and blue sky – Baltic Sea beaches are raw and cold. The subtle colour palette and a lot of empty space create perfect conditions to experiment with a simple, minimalistic photography style. The challenge is to find the object worth capturing and which isn’t too obvious. Typical photos from the Baltic Sea include sunsets, pier, beaches, shells and boats. What if your camera is already full of such photos and you experience the creative block? Try macro photography! In this post I share my ideas of objects worth shooting. Sand There is so much of it on the beach that we tend to ignore it. Sand…

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    Bieszczady – 4 easy hiking trails

    It is another rainy night in Kalnica. The water drops hit the metal roof. It is so dark that there is no difference if your eyes are opened or closed. As every other evening, we think about the next trip, but with a storm expected next day it is hard to plan long hiking high in the mountains. Luckily we have plenty of alternatives, suitable for worse weather, for when we are tired or when we feel like cycling instead of walking. Below I present 4 easy hiking trails in Bieszczady. 1. From Kalnica to Dolzyca The first trail leads from Kalnica to Dolzyca. It is a biking path through…

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    Relaxing weekend at the Baltic Sea

    Every now and then we all need a break. The best way to rest and forget about everyday issues is to go somewhere far from home. The farther we go the smaller our problems seem to be. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take a few weeks off and fly to another continent. However, already just a weekend spent on recharging batteries can do wonders. What if we combine a short holiday with practicing mindfulness? It is not just a meditation, but trying to be present in the moment and live life more consciously. It helps to be more focused and ignore distractions. Such holidays, although short, will stay…

  • Bieszczady-slow travel
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    Fall in love with Bieszczady – 24 slow travel ideas

    Are you not tired of busy touristic locations full of people taking selfies? Fortunately, a new trend is being born that goes against that – slow travel. There is no clear definition of what slow travel is. Everyone understands it differently. However, there are some common ideas. It includes visiting a new site with an open mind, no planning. Quality of experience is over quantity. It should help you embrace a moment. For some people it’s their natural traveling style, others still need to learn. And I think I found a perfect place to practice slow traveling – Bieszczady. Bieszczady is a mountain range in the south-east of Poland. Wild…

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    Looking for a sand in SANDomierz

    Do you remember Don Matteo cycling on the roads of Gubbio? Poland has its own priest-detective, who solves crimes. Ojciec Mateusz (Father Matthew) rides a bike in Sandomierz. Together with the local police unit, he became one of the famous TV stars. Sandomierz is a small town in Eastern Poland with more than 1000 years of history. It is located close to where the river San meets the longer polish river – Vistula (more than 1000 km long). Recently it is frequently visited by fans of “Ojciec Mateusz”. Here are my 10 tips on what to visit and do to have an unforgettable time.   1. Explore the Old Town…

  • Ustka Harbour
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    Ustka Mini Guide

    Wind in your hair, golden sand in your shoes and gentle sun on a face – summer at the Baltic Sea. We visited Ustka for the first time in 2002 and since then we are there almost every summer. In this very personal Mini Guide I show what we fell in love with in this city and what makes us come back. Ustka is divided into east and west part by the Słupia river and the harbour. We always stay in the western part, because it is less popular, so way calmer. When we want to experience a bit more crazy city life we just go to the eastern part…

  • Lodz Fabryczna
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    Lodz Fabryczna – future comes to Lodz

    Tons of people with luggage, noise of trains and crowd, trash on the floor, smelly drinkers and pigeons. Does it sound familiar? That is what usually comes to my mind when thinking about train stations and that is all Lodz Fabryczna is not. This station was opened just a month ago, after 5 years of complex constructions. In its previous form it was like a time machine with old trains, damaged buses, no heating etc. Now it seems like it comes from future. The only resembling part is the replica of previous building inside the main hall. It is the biggest station in Poland and third one in Europe. At…

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    Winter lights

    Short days and long dark nights can bring a lot of negative feelings during winter time. Fortunately, there is a way to fight it and enjoy beautiful moments especially around Christmas and New Year – winter lights. Cities are decorated with light garlands and Christmas trees. Those little sparkles can bring joy and warm the heart during cold evenings. Here is my winter walk in Warsaw, which offered Christmas Illuminations and wonderful decorations mainly around its Old City part. They are usually started at the beginning of  December and last at least for a month. In total it is more than 20 km of decorated streets and more than 4mln…