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My places – 2017 – travel destinations of the year

Year 2017 is comming to the end and it is high time for some kind of summary. This year was full of unexpected events and trips. I visited a lot of places, which were on my “to see” list, but I also discovered many more, which I haven’t heard about before.

Some of the descriptions were published on the blog, and those ones are linked to the specific post. Others are still on the waiting list, but for sure one day I prepare them too.

Here is my little summary of my travel destinations of 2017:

  1. Warsaw – winter lights
    During Christmas time the city is beautifully illuminated with tons of lights. Trees and lamps are covered with colourful decorations. There are also some carousels, trains or sleighs. Definitely worth seeing!

2. Lodz Fabryczna

The newest train station in the city. I really liked the combination of modern architecture with original old elements.

Lodz Fabryczna

Lodz Fabryczna

Lodz Fabryczna

3. Darmstadt

This is one of my biggest discoveries. I was always discouraged by people to go to Darmstadt. Most of them say that it’s ugly and grey. Personaly, I really liked it! And there are plenty of colourful places.


Market place Mathildenhoehe

4. St. Goarhausen and Lorelei

Have you heard about the mermaids who sing so beautifuly that sailors loose their mind and die? Even Tolkien was inspired by this story. It is one of the most popular places at the Rhine river.


5. Hoechst

My first stop on the German Timber-frame Road, but not the last!

Hoechster Schloss

Bolongaro Palace

Hoechst Old Town

6. Idstein

Still on the German Timber-frame Road. It is such a small town, that I managed to visit Bad Camberg (No.7.) on the same day.


7. Bad Camberg

Bad Camberg

8. Limburg

More timber-framed houses, beautiful cathedral, Lahn river – great place for one day trip.


9. Alzey

I never heard about it before, but I saw there is a train from Mainz going there, so I took it;) The best to see – Alzey castle (Schloss Alzey) from 13th century.

10. Burg Frankenstein

It had absolutely no connection to the story of famous Frankenstein. But because of the name it is commonly visited destination.

Burg Frankenstein

11. Frankfurt –Chinese Park 

That’s where I found a bit of Asia in Germany.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden Chinese Garden

12. Frankfurt -Zoo

Not as impressive as the Zoo in Berlin, but still a very nice place to visit.

Frankfurt Zoo

13. Cologne

14. Bonn

I had only few hours there. My obvious favourite – Botanic Garden.


15. Maurzyce

This time in Poland – museum of polish countryside.


16. Externsteine

I found a photo from this place on the Internet and I knew that I have to see it live… It was even better than I expected.


17. Ustka

My holiday destination from teenage time. I have been there so many times, that now I decided to prepare a mini guide of what to see in Ustka and nearby.

Mermaid from Ustka

Ustka Beach

Ustka Harbour

18. Łeba

Dunes were amazing. It’s definitely one of my favourites this year.

Dunes in Łeba

Dunes in Łeba

Dunes in Łeba

19. Bacharach and Stieg

Bacharach is often described as the most beautiful village at the Rhine. No surprise I visit it every year and still find more to explore. This year I was on the beautiful path to the ruins of the castle – Stahlberg Schleife.




Burgruine Stahlberg

20. Mainz – hidden corners

Living in Mainz makes it difficult to find the common tourist spots still interesting. That’s why I try to explore the city and find new inspiring places, which not many people heard about, but definitely should.

Immenhof Mainz

Immenhof Mainz

21. Wiesbaden

Apart from being great shopping destination it also has a nice selection of museums or hiking trails.


22. Bad Kreuznach

Well known as spa-town. It offers a bit of history, health, beautiful views, nice hiking trails. You can eat lunch on a boat or sail and admire green hills surrounding the town. You can also buy old books in one of the antique stores.

Bad Kreuznach

23. Geierlay – suspension bridge and Burg Eltz

It is the longest suspension bridge in Germany. Great place if you like a bit of adrenaline. Not far away from there – one of the most beautiful german castles – Eltz (Burg Eltz). On both trails I was lost and made extra kilometers of hike, but they are definitely a must see!

Burg Eltz

24. Eppstein

It is located near Frankfurt and can be easily reached by train. I saw it from the windows of one RE and knew that I have to come back and explore it more.


25. Kassel

Another city that wasn’t recommended by others, but to my surprise was really nice. I visited Park Wilhelmshöhe with impressive water cascades.



26. Porto

The most “exotic” trip this year and a new country that I haven’t seen before.



27. Idar -Oberstein

Not far from Bad Kreuznach. Interesting place if you like jewellery and minerals. There are also 2 castles and unique Church in the Rocks.

Idar Oberstein

28. Bingen and Binger Wald

Very important stop along It has a great view to another side of the river with Ruedesheim. There is also a castle (Burg Klopp), very old bridge, Mouse Tower and the coolest playground for kids. In the forest you can find another suspension bridge, much smaller than the Geierlay one, but you don’t need to be that brave to cross it.


Rhine river

Binger Wald

29. Botanic Garden Mainz

My last two places are botanic gardens, which I visit frequently. I go there when the seasons change, to different events or just for inspiration or practicing photography skills.

Botanic Garden Mainz

30. Palmengarten Frankfurt


Thank you for going through the summary of my travel destinations of 2017. Have you been to any of those places? How did you like it? Do you recommend any inspiring locations for 2018?

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