A postcard from Porto

This is my little “postcard” from Porto, which I want to send to you. It contains the best memories from two afternoons that I spent in this city.

Last year I had a chance to go to Portugal. It was my very first time there. So, as you can imagine, I had so many expectations. I checked plenty of guides and descriptions from blogers. Everyone was so much in love with this city. All those photos showing colourful houses by the river and beautiful sunsets set the bar quite high.

Here I show just snapshots of what impressed or inspired me the most. These are the things I want to remember and recommend to see or experience.

1.Golden sunsets

No matter if you decide to see the sunset at the beach or from one of the bridges at the Duro river, you can be sure that for that short moment whole city will turn into orange/gold.


2. Fish and fish

In Porto there is fish everywhere. You can buy it in every local store, it is served in restaurants, there are fisherman boats… For that reason in some places it is a bit smelly, but it doesn’t change the fact that you have to try some fish while in Porto.


3. Beautiful painted tiles

Many houses are decorated with colourful painted tiles. Most of them are in blue and white. It gives the city very unique vibe. The tiles show some historical events or consists of complex geometrical patterns. There are endless combinations and arrangements.


4. Orange roofs

The roof tiles are in contrast mostly orange. The city is built in a hilly area, so there are many layers of houses, different styles, sizes and colours, but from the top they all match and “harmonize”.


5. Laundry drying outside windows

In contrast to old and sometimes dirty houses, there is plenty of clean laundry hanging in the windows. It is explained by the fact there is no much space inside the house to do it. It is not the nicest decoration, but is definitely a very characteristic thing there.


Porto was so much different from what I expected. What I will remember most are all the colourful houses, roasted chestnuts on every street and beautiful mosaics and paintings. I was surprised by the poverty and amount of ruined or abbandoned buildings.

As any other travel it let me experience what I consider “a parallel reality”, therefore I learnt something new. People there have the same problems and joys, but they live in a bit different way. They create and live their own world, which is so similar, but at the same time different.

Have you already been to Porto? What has inspired you the most? Are you planning to visit this place?

Below is a small collection of my photos, which contains my favourite places.

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