Baltic Sea

Sunrise in Nexø

It’s 4 in the morning, and the sound of my alarm clock brutally disturbs the perfect silence of this blue hour. It’s still a bit dark outside, but we don’t need to turn the lights on. A cold breeze enters the room through the small basement window.
We prepared everything in the evening, and now we just need to get dressed, pack our cameras, and walk for about 3 minutes to the beach.

Nexø is still asleep. In the harbour, the boats are slowly swinging, waiting for the first cruise, and the doors to the sand sculpture museum are still closed.
Only the birds have started their day already. One proud seagull is carefully monitoring the neighborhood from the top of a lamp, little sparrows are fighting for space on a wire, and swans are taking a bath in the golden waves of the Baltic Sea.

The rising sun changes the colors of the sky from blue to golden and back. We photographed the sea, the clouds, stones, and plants. We caught some light reflections in the windows.

Nexø is located on the eastern side of the island, and watching sunrises is a good alternative to not-so-spectacular sunsets. It’s a perfect slow travel activity for practicing mindfulness. And also one of many ways to explore the beauty of Bornholm Island. Cannot recommend more!

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