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    Sunrise in Nexø

    It’s 4 in the morning, and the sound of my alarm clock brutally disturbs the perfect silence of this blue hour. It’s still a bit dark outside, but we don’t need to turn the lights on. A cold breeze enters the room through the small basement window.We prepared everything in the evening, and now we just need to get dressed, pack our cameras, and walk for about 3 minutes to the beach. Nexø is still asleep. In the harbour, the boats are slowly swinging, waiting for the first cruise, and the doors to the sand sculpture museum are still closed.Only the birds have started their day already. One proud seagull…

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    Macro photography ideas – Baltic Sea beach

    White sand, green water and blue sky – Baltic Sea beaches are raw and cold. The subtle colour palette and a lot of empty space create perfect conditions to experiment with a simple, minimalistic photography style. The challenge is to find the object worth capturing and which isn’t too obvious. Typical photos from the Baltic Sea include sunsets, pier, beaches, shells and boats. What if your camera is already full of such photos and you experience the creative block? Try macro photography! In this post I share my ideas of objects worth shooting. Sand There is so much of it on the beach that we tend to ignore it. Sand…

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    Relaxing weekend at the Baltic Sea

    Every now and then we all need a break. The best way to rest and forget about everyday issues is to go somewhere far from home. The farther we go the smaller our problems seem to be. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take a few weeks off and fly to another continent. However, already just a weekend spent on recharging batteries can do wonders. What if we combine a short holiday with practicing mindfulness? It is not just a meditation, but trying to be present in the moment and live life more consciously. It helps to be more focused and ignore distractions. Such holidays, although short, will stay…