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Munich – spring blossoms photo tour

Spring in Munich is in full swing from March to May. It is the perfect time when crocuses and snowdrops are still popping out while cherry trees are starting to bloom. It is the best time for a spring blossoms photo tour!
No matter if you are into botanical photography or you just prefer to mindfully admire the flowers on a slow walk, you may want to know where to find them. So I prepared for you the map of the best spring blossom spots in Munich. The list is not exhaustive since beautiful trees and little gardens can be found in any corner.

For flower photographers winter months can be a hard time. I missed all the light and I was tired of grey dead trees. Finally, the days are a bit longer and there is more sun and more colour.

To make sure you come back home with great images I am sharing some ideas for a photo challenge so that you can get inspired and experiment with different types of photography.


Pink trees remain pink for a very short period of time. They make a beautiful background for family portraits or fashion photos. You can wear your favorite spring dress or bring picnic accessories as props.


For the untrained eye, all flowers look the same, but if you look closer, e.g. with your macro lens, you will discover that they all have different shapes, sizes and colouring. It is the best way to show some hidden world, which is invisible to most people.


Trees and flowers are home to many birds and insects, which act as great models and can add a new dimension to your photos. Depending on the size you can combine insect and macro in one.


Pink and white blossoms are a decoration of any park or street. They make each location look special. It is a great moment to shoot unique photos of famous locations as well as hidden gems.


Some key monuments or well-known buildings can be surrounded by beautiful trees. Now is a wonderful opportunity to take a fantastic shot of an already great place.

Finally, I am sharing some of my favourite spring shots from Munich for more inspiration.

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