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Inspired by nature – Garden Show Ingolstadt

House plants, pots with vegetables on balconies and uncut meadows full of bees – gardening trends that blossomed during the pandemic continue to grow. Visitors of the Regional Garden Show (Landesgartenshau) in Ingolstadt have a chance to explore the horticulture exhibition and collect inspirations for their own green oases.

Bavaria has a 40-year-old tradition of organising this type of events. The mission is not only to entertain the guests with the latest trends but also to boost the attractiveness of the region by creating new urban space and inviting guests to admire it. Ingolstadt previously hosted the Garden Show in 1992 and until now, the Klenzepark at the banks of the river Danube is the popular leisure area.

Inspiration Nature

“Inspiration Nature” is this year’s event slogan. The topic covers areas such as sustainability, recycling, growing native plants and reducing pesticides. More and more people grow their own food. Grass lawns are no longer desired. Gardeners focus on pollinators and bird-friendly meadows instead. 

It felt like those wild meadows played the main role in this event. People who are unaware of their importance could think that organisers didn’t put much effort to take care of certain parts of the garden. This was my initial thought when after paying almost 20 euros for a ticket, all I could see was uncut grass. But obviously, there was much more than that.

At the entrance, I received a brochure with a map showing over 80 spots worth seeing: flower hall, lake, orchard, water park, playgrounds and many more.

I was there in early summer and the day was extremely hot. Parents were hiding under umbrellas, while their kids were playing in the water park. There were several spots to grab ice-cream and cold cocktails. All sunbeds were occupied, but fortunately, there was plenty of space to sit on the grass in the shadow of the trees.

The goal of my visit was as usual to photograph all the beautiful flowers and butterflies, which weren’t many. Among the highlights were peonies and fields of wildflowers: chamomiles, viper’s bugloss and sainfoin. I also did some vintage-looking flower portraits of lupin and daisies. The absolute cherry on top was the shimmery bokeh effect by the lake. I included several photographs in the gallery below this post.

The spots that caught my attention

  • Flower hall with floristic compositions – creative combination of colours, fabrics and structures
  • “Used” garden – Vintage furniture, wooden fence, flowers in wellies, suculents on the roof – I believe it was the most photographed spot!
  • Herbs garden full of hand made decorations, scarecrows and strawberries
  • Shopping area with wicker baskets, wooden tools and gnomes
  • The lake with white waterlilies floating gently on clear turquoise water
Flowers in metal pots

No matter how you like to spend your time in the gardens, whether you prefer to build veggie patches or relax in the hammock, Garden Show in Ingolstadt would definitely find a way to entertain you.

Top tip

There is a shuttle bus that can bring you to the location from Ingolstadt Hbf for free! However, you need to pay a lot of attention at the bus stop, because there is only one long platform. As soon as you see the bus waiting with an open door, enter! I met some people who missed the bus, simply because they were waiting at the wrong spot.

Now, I invite you for a photo tour from this garden visit in the gallery below.

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