• Bacharach
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    Bacharach – the most beautiful village along the Rhine

    “Bacharach is the most antiquated specimen of human habitations I ever beheld. Compared with Bacharach, Oberwesel, St. Goar, and Andernach resemble the most modern street in Paris.” – that is how Victor Hugo described the city in his book “The Rhine” from  19th century. Today visitors are still overwhelmed with its charm and it is old-fashioned style became it is biggest asset. Bacharach (Germany) lies at the 543th kilometre of the Rhine river, close to other tourist destinations such as Oberwesel or Sankt Goar. It has just around 2000 inhabitants. Bacharach got more popular in the middle ages for trading wine and wood. The traditional song  from the region says:…

  • Rhine River
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    Where Main meets Rhine – a walk by the river

    Another interesting thing to see in the Mainz-Wiesbaden area is the place where the Main discharges into the Rhine. It gives endless options for a walk. One can be at the side of Mainz, with a view to opposite side – Wiesbaden. The riverbank in Mainz is much more urbanised, with usually a lot of people, especially during the weekends.  From the side of Wiesbaden there is a view to panorama of Mainz and the path is more like in the park, with a lot of trees and grass. To make a walk even more interesting it is possible to cross any of the bridges (Theodor-Heuss- Brücke, Südbrücke or Main-Brücke) and continue…