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One day in Hamburg – top 10 attractions

Hamburg is the second most populated city in Germany, just after Berlin. One day is enough to see the majority of most well known places, but the city has much more to offer than I am going to describe.

If it is just one day trip, it might be done on a budget, through staying in one of the pretty cheap hostels, e.g. A&O Hostel, Schanzenstern, Backpackers St. Pauli.

The public transport in Hamburg is very well developed, which makes commuting easy and having a car is not essential. The one day ticket costs around €7, details at the HVV website.

ham07127m        Hamburg

I do always recommend taking part in Sandeman’s New Europe guided tours. In Hamburg it is 3-4h long and during the walk one can see all most important places and listen to a lot of interesting facts about life in this city.

So, what is it worth to see in Hamburg?

1.City Hall

It is located more or less in the heart of a city. It is beautiful not just from outside, so I suggest to enter the courtyard too.

ham_07041m        ham_120217m        ham07042m

2.St. Peter’s Church

5 minutes walking from the city hall, there is the oldest parish church in Hamburg. Take a look at a knocker on the entrance door.

3.St. Jacob’s Church

That’s where a lot of pilgrims start they journey to Santaigo de Compostela in Spain.





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ham_07066m      ham07068m

6.St. Nikolai’s Church

ham07078m       ham07075m



It is the oldest remaining street in Hamburg. It is also where the great fire in 1842 started. To find the exact house, where is happened, one has to follow very narrow path, just next to the “funny guy” from the photo. The house is labeled “zum Brandanfang”.

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ham07094m     ham7091m     ham07092m


Fish market, Speicherstadt and new district HafenCity with impressive Elbphilharmonie – those are just few of places that harbourg has to offer. Although it lies 100 km away from the see, it is the biggest German harbor. To move in between two sides of the river the convenient way is to use a ferry or water taxi.

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ham07106m      ham07103m      ham07100m

9.Old tunnel under the Elb river – Elbtunnel

Almost 24 m under the river there is a tunnel that matches two river sides. It is suitable for pedestrians and bike users. The best way to enter is to use an elevator just at the entrance to the tunnel, which is between bridges 6 and 7. It is just 2 minutes walk from the closest underground station – Landungsbrücken.


ham07121m     ham07125m

10.St. Michael’s Church

With its 132 m high tower, it is one of the most famous churches in the city. There is a beautiful view from the tower and the ticket to climb it costs around €5.


Hamburg     ham_111724m

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