Einstein Tower
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Einstein Tower in Potsdam – castle alternative

This is a trip for everyone who is tired of castles and palaces or just have seen all of them and wants to explore Postdam in a different way. My castle alternative is the Einstein Tower (Einstein Turm).

Just about 15 min away from Potsdam Hbf there is the Telegrafenberg -a hill which hosts some research institutions including astrophysical observatory. It may look like the entrance is forbidden for guests, because of huge fence and gates, but actually everyone can enter during the day time. There are plans and maps, so it is easy to find the way to Einstein Tower.

The tower looks quite unusual. It was designed by the architect Erich Mendelson and build in 1920’s. It has a solar observatory inside and some underground laboratories. Initially it was used for research on Einstein’s relativity theory. Entrance is possible only during guided tour, but from outside is already impressive.

In front of the tower on the path there is a small brain sculpture – easy to miss. It is 3 SEC Bronze Brain – a human brain shape just small in size, created by Volker März. It is “Admonition to the Now – Monument to the continuous present”.

Around the Einstein Tower, there are paths that allow to see it from every site. There are also benches to sit and contemplate its beauty. One can also meet a sweet bunny.

Seeing the tower doesn’t have to be the end of the trip. Behind the research area there is a beautiful forest with plenty of paths – perfect for cycling. I would recommend to visit Telegrafenberg by bike and then go through the forest towards Caputh and this time Einstein’s house.


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